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Blunt Talk

Gino Arcaro is a former police officer/detective and College Law Enforcement program co-ordinator and professor. He is a widely-published author, gym owner, strength and football coach. Blunt Talk podcast gives Gino a voice to inspire the entire planet "To Lift" – each other and themselves – on any field and in any field. Read his book Soul of a Lifter, available on Amazon, to get an in-depth insight into how to improve your life and reach your fullest potential.

Mar 23, 2015

What we believe and don’t believe determines how far we progress or regress in fitness, careers, sports, and every aspect of real-life. It’s not easy to find the truth; separate fiction and non-fiction. Distance myths from reality. Some things are believable, some are unbelievable. The central focus is credibility. Shifting through the daily, hourly, minute-by-minute bombardment of information takes time and effort to find what works out for you. What is believable and unbelievable determines the shape you’re in. #peace


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