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Blunt Talk

Gino Arcaro is a former police officer/detective and College Law Enforcement program co-ordinator and professor. He is a widely-published author, gym owner, strength and football coach. Blunt Talk podcast gives Gino a voice to inspire the entire planet "To Lift" – each other and themselves – on any field and in any field. Read his book Soul of a Lifter, available on Amazon, to get an in-depth insight into how to improve your life and reach your fullest potential.

Aug 31, 2015

High achievement is not reserved for the rich and famous. High-performers are not born, they’re made. We are all born with God-given gifts and talents that form our potential. No exceptions. But potential doesn’t just actualize by accident, randomly, or overnight. Potential is actualized through #TheProcess. No one attains full potential developed for free. Even the super-gifted and super-talented have to develop potential through #TheProcess. The good news is that #TheProcess is available to everyone. The bad news is that not everyone is willing to go through it because the main element of #TheProcess is reality, and reality hits hard. Highs, lows, lows, highs. How you respond determines what you become and and how high you reach. The next three episodes feature three X Players – Tim Soules, Annel Carballo, and Kevin Ling – who will share their stories of how they went through #TheProcess and how they responded when reality hit. #peace  


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