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Blunt Talk

Gino Arcaro is a former police officer/detective and College Law Enforcement program co-ordinator and professor. He is a widely-published author, gym owner, strength and football coach. Blunt Talk podcast gives Gino a voice to inspire the entire planet "To Lift" – each other and themselves – on any field and in any field. Read his book Soul of a Lifter, available on Amazon, to get an in-depth insight into how to improve your life and reach your fullest potential.

Mar 2, 2015

Performance goals are imperative to reach minimum performance standards but there's a force greater than goal setting - The Pledge. What you commit to and how you commit to it is the difference between winning and losing, success and failure, ordinary and extraordinary - by whatever definition you choose. The Pledge is the difference between quitting and not quitting. #peace



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Just Do It
Leon "Eklipz" Robinson

over four years ago

Great start to a great podcast! Couldn't stop listening. I pledge to do better in everything I do!