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Blunt Talk

Gino Arcaro is a former police officer/detective and College Law Enforcement program co-ordinator and professor. He is a widely-published author, gym owner, strength and football coach. Blunt Talk podcast gives Gino a voice to inspire the entire planet "To Lift" – each other and themselves – on any field and in any field. Read his book Soul of a Lifter, available on Amazon, to get an in-depth insight into how to improve your life and reach your fullest potential.

Feb 22, 2016

Don’t Blink. What do you do when hell happens? What do you do when the unexpected unravels your plans? Blink or don’t blink. How you define impossible determines how high your team climbs in the standings. Today’s guest is Coach Teddy Keaton from Alabama, who shares powerful insights about his professional journey and struggle. His insights will lift you to fight the excuses your mind makes up to keep you down. Blessings & all good things.                                                                                                                       

4th & Hell

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